Sat. Sep 22nd, 2018

PASR: Chuck Powell – Sports Radio 950 KJR



“When you do solo work, you’re in a position where you want to be clear, but you don’t want to overexplain.” – Chuck Powell

Chuck Powell is not a fan of your sports team.  He’s a fan of laughing, writing and doing good radio. And that is what causes you to listen.

In the world of sports talk radio, audiences enjoy laughing, being entertained and hearing viewpoints that make them crazy, especially when it involves their local team and a personality who isn’t emotionally attached to them.

That’s a lesson that Chuck Powell had to learn, and he’s since put that understanding to good use.

Get to know the many sides of Powell in this episode of the Podcast About Sports Radio.


  • How he got the bug to pursue a career in sports radio
  • The challenge of not being emotionally connected to a local market team
  • When he recognized that he could make a living as a sports radio personality
  • Working as a national personality on the Sports Fan Radio Network in Las Vegas
  • Which older audio of his he wishes he still had and which of it he wishes didn’t exist
  • The hosts he believes do excellent work in the sports radio format
  • Areas of his performance that he believes he can be better at



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