Tue. Sep 25th, 2018

Missouri Dominates Baseball Television Ratings

Missouri truly was the baseball state in television consumption of the sport this year.

St. Louis led the way nationally in ratings for the World Series among markets outside those of the competing teams. Nielsen says 17.2 percent of homes in the market tuned in to the five-game event in which Kansas City beat the New York Mets and was televised by Fox. KC led the way, with a massive 54.7 rating. New York was second, at 24.6.

St. Louis was next to cement 2015 as being the “Year of Missouri” in baseball TV viewership. In the regular season, Kansas City led the way in local MLB ratings for its local telecasts, with St. Louis second.

And last Sunday night in St. Louis, baseball routed the marquee NFL contest of the season thus far in the ratings. Game 5 drew a 20.4 figure (on KTVI, Channel 2) while the matchup of 6-0 grid clubs, in which Denver blasted Green Bay, was at 11.8. Football was on NBC (KSDK, Channel 5).

Nationally, the football game averaged 23 million viewers, the baseball contest 17.2 million.


1. Kansas City 54.7

2. New York 24.6

3. St. Louis 17.2

4. Hartford, Conn. 13.5

5. Tulsa, Okla. 11.6

6. Las Vegas 10.4

7. Portland, Ore. 10.2

8. Richmond, Va. 10.1

9. Seattle 10.0

10. W. Palm Beach, Fla. 9.9

Notes: The rating is the percent of homes with a TV that tuned in. Figures are the five-game average in each market.

Source: Nielsen.

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