Tue. Aug 21st, 2018

McNabb & Payton No Longer with Fox Sports

Two of the original members of Fox Sports Live are quietly no longer with Fox Sports after lengthy leaves of absence.

When reached by Awful Announcing today, Fox confirmed that Donovan McNabb and Gary Payton are both no longer with Fox Sports.  The network said that McNabb submitted his resignation while Payton is not employed at the present time.  Here is the brief statement from Fox Sports:

Donovan McNabb submitted his resignation, which we have accepted, and Gary Payton is no longer employed at FOX Sports.

We also asked NBC about McNabb’s status and that network says the former Eagles quarterback remains  “on leave.”  McNabb hosted an NBC Sports Radio show with Mark Malone in addition to his work across Fox Sports as an NFL analyst.

Credit to Awful Announcing who originally published this article

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