Tue. Sep 18th, 2018

PASR17: Rick Scott



“The way that he knew he a had a good talent: if a guy came in for the interview and after he left the office, he felt like he had been entertained.” – Rick Scott

There have been a few names that have been uttered more than a single time in this podcast’s short history.  Rick Scott is one of those names. He’s, arguably, the person who has touched the most radio stations, networks, program directors and hosts across the entire country.

Rick is the President/CEO of Rick Scott & Associates–a sports radio programming and marketing consultation firm that has helped hundreds of stations and hosts improve their sound and image over the years.  He stops by to talk about how this business came about, the future of the radio medium, what he calls the mistakes program directors are making these days and much more.

Check out more of the show notes below to get a feel for what you will hear in this edition of The PASR. I hope you enjoy and, as always, leave a comment to get out anything that this podcast had you thinking along the way.


  • Rick on how he got the bug for radio. [3:49]
  • Rick talks about the first station he ever flipped to the sports format. [4:43]
  • Rick compares the early days of the sports radio format to now. [6:59]
  • Rick talks about how sports radio consulting became a business for him. [8:45]
  • Rick on the most common mistakes program directors are making. [11:10]
  • Rick on the most common opportunity hosts are missing. [12:57]
  • Rick on the common denominator in all ‘great’ hosts. [13:38]
  • Rick on the ‘perfect host.’ [14:50]
  • Rick on what program directors look for in out-of-market talent. [17:43]
  • Rick talks about what makes a guest air-worthy. [19:46]
  • Rick talks about the characteristics of those few markets that are most different from the rest. [21:09]




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