Tue. Aug 21st, 2018

Barrie Gets Ready For Clemson

Matt Barrie wants Clemson fans to get up early this Saturday – as in, crack-of-dawn early.

Hey, if he has to be outside Death Valley then, he figures others ought to show up then, too. Even if it’s 13 hours prior to kickoff? Yes.

Along with co-host Sara Walsh, Barrie – who until 2008 was a sports reporter/anchor for Columbia’s WLTX-19 – will anchor ESPN’s “SportsCenter on the Road” program, which this week will be the early (7-9 a.m.) introduction for ESPN’s College GameDay (9 a.m.-noon), set to be in Clemson to preview Saturday’ 8 p.m. clash between the No. 12 Tigers and No. 6 Notre Dame.

In other words, his show is a warm-up act, right?

“That’s exactly what we are,” Barrie said this week. “We get everyone lathered up and fired up.”

Other weeks, he and Walsh take their dawn-patrol gig to a different location from GameDay, arriving Wednesday or Thursday in their mobile-studio bus with a crew of 20, compared to the traveling army of 85 that is GameDay. So far in 2015, SportsCenter on the Road has been at Notre Dame for the Irish-Texas clash; on hand for Michigan rookie coach Jim Harbaugh’s home debut vs. Oregon State; and, last Saturday, drew 4,000 early risers in Collegeville, Minn., for St. John’s vs. St. Thomas, a clash of Division III powers.

But Clemson-Notre Dame being arguably Saturday’s premier game (with a nod to Alabama-Georgia), “this seems like the right time to put all of ESPN slap-dab in Death Valley, and let the world see, over five hours, what a great game-day atmosphere Clemson is,” Barrie said.

Barrie, who joined ESPN in 2013, concedes that “this week, it’s easy; GameDay sets up right next to us, and my guess is anyone who wants to be at GameDay will have to get there early anyway.”

The stage for both programs will be at Clemson’s Bowman Field.

Being GameDay’s kid brother popularity-wise isn’t all bad, Barrie said.

“They’re the most successful college football traveling show in the industry, so it’s a challenge for us, finding our own unique take on the game,” he said.



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