Thu. Sep 20th, 2018

Gus Johnson Relishes New Opportunity With Bucks

New Bucks broadcaster Gus Johnson has done it all, including some memorable calls during NCAA Tournament games over the years.

But he dearly missed calling NBA action.

Now he’s back with a 20-game schedule for the Bucks this season, being paired with former Bucks great Marques Johnson. They will work on the Fox Sports Wisconsin telecasts of Bucks games, with Marques Johnson doing about 55 games as a color analyst.

“It was like Christmas Day,” Gus Johnson said of his unlikely pairing with the Bucks. “And it came out of nowhere, which made it even more incredible. I got a call from Mike McCarthy, who was my former boss, who actually hired me to be the voice of the Knicks when I was a young lad.”

“He said he had been doing some work with the Bucks and he asked me if I was interested in coming back to the NBA. And I said, ‘Yes, can you please make that happen right now.’ And it took about three weeks. I waited with baited breath, hoping that nothing bad would happen and they wouldn’t change their mind. And they didn’t. So I’m happy to be here in Milwaukee, one of my favorite cities.”

The Fox Sports broadcaster joked that he and Marques Johnson would form a partnership called Johnson & Johnson LLC. Jim Paschke and Jon McGlocklin also will continue as part of the Bucks’ television crew, with Paschke teaming with Marques Johnson for 35 games.

Both Johnsons said the young Bucks team and the attitude of ownership made the opportunity one they had to embrace.

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