Tue. Sep 25th, 2018

Czaban and Pollin Create Podcast

For more than a decade, Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin helped define the Redskins narrative in this town. Their “Sports Reporters” show — which launched in 2000 — was focused above all on the burgundy and gold, offering a perspective that was often skeptical, occasionally conspiratorial, and almost always entertaining, at least to this confused newcomer. I spent way too many hours of my life listening to Czaban and Pollin bicker about something or other while chronicling the team’s latest misadventures, and even some critics of the show respected the hosts’ obvious chemistry.

So when I saw Czaban and Pollin had collaborated on a 30-minute Redskins podcast this week, it was an instant click. No, I’m not necessarily proud of that. But this is where we are. Then I asked them how this came to be.

“You know what it is, it’s like a guitarist and a singer that used to be in a band together getting together in the studio and just sort of jamming, doing a side project,” Czaban said. “The one thing about Andy that is hard to replace — in fact impossible — is that he and I did the show together for 13 years. And there were so many episodes, so many stupid little things along the way that is all part of the big picture about the team and about the fan base. How did we get to this place?”

Pollin — who continued the “Sports Reporters” brand for 18 months after the duo broke up — still contributes to ESPN 980 on “The Man Cave,” the Redskins pregame and Monday morning shows and elsewhere. And Czaban continues to talk about the team in his traditional 4-7 p.m. weekday slot, with co-hosts Chris Cooley and Al Galdi. While I often listen to that show, as well — check the transcripts — the cadence and tone are obviously different than they were in the old format. Cooley has relationships with many people in the team’s front office, and he often leads the show’s on-field discussion. Galdi has been talking about the Redskins for years, but is far younger than Pollin.

“So that’s why I just figured it might be fun to talk to Andy once a week, because I believe this year is going to be an eventful year,” Czaban said. “I just get that feeling. This thing has the potential to be hugely entertaining, in a non-winning sense.”

Credit to the Washington Post who originally published this article