Sun. Aug 19th, 2018

Schein Living His Dream At CBS

You can say Adam Schein is already living the dream of every kid that once turned down the volume on the TV, grabbed the nearest object that resembled a microphone and pretended to be their favorite sportscaster.

Schein, a Syracuse University graduate, left the airwaves of WHEN in 2002 to talk sports for a living for the legendary WFAN in New York City, just 40 minutes outside his hometown in Rockland County.

He currently hosts a daily sports-talk show, “Schein on Sports,” from 10a-1p on Sirius XM’s “Mad Dog” radio, where he has been since 2004. Schein recently signed a four-year extension to stay at Sirius.

He spent nearly a decade, from 2006 to just last month, in a nightly verbal joust with co-host Chris Carlin on SNY’s “Loudmouths.”

Schein gets fans ready for each NFL Sunday on “That Other Pregame Show” (TOPS) and calls the signals with a group of former NFL quarterbacks, including Rich Gannon, Trent Green and Steve Beuerlein, every Monday on “NFL QB,” on the CBS Sports Network.

For Schein, the dream is just beginning Monday night as “Time to Schein” debuts on the CBS Sports Network.

“People always ask you, ‘what’s your dream job?’ This is my dream job,” Schein said. “It really is a dream opportunity to have your own national, daily sports-talk show for an hour.”

What will Schein’s new show, which will air weeknights from 6-7 p.m., be like?

Listeners who used to hear Schein ask them to “give him a nugget” back in his Syracuse days will recognize a familiar approach.

“It’s going to be me,” Schein said. “High-octane. Passion. Opinion. Knowledge. Entertainment. The same philosophy I had in 1999 hosting on WHEN. I’m really excited about it.”

“Time to Schein” will feature an unscripted, “highly opinionated” monologue from Adam touching on the big sports topics of the day. The show will also feature guests and interaction with viewers on Twitter and Instagram.

Former New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms, now a lead NFL analyst on CBS, will be Schein’s first guest on Monday night.

Schein left a strong impression with Simms when he went on Adam’s radio show on Sirius and the two have built a strong rapport since.

“I just thought that he was different in this world of talk-radio today,” Simms told “He actually knows what he is talking about. He follows it extremely close. The brashness, the volume of his voice, all those things. It catches your attention, but I respect his opinion.”

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