Tue. Aug 14th, 2018

SiriusXM Shakes Up B/R Radio

Changes are taking place at Bleacher Report Radio on SiriusXM. According to sources, a new deal has been reached which gives Sirius more control over programming and personnel matters. As a result, lineup adjustments are in progress. While nothing official has been released by SiriusXM, a few personalities have taken to Twitter to acknowledge that they have been shown the door.

Well let’s get this over with… Yesterday was my final show on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio. I was made aware of that after signing off.

ICYMI, if you’re waking up excited to listen to . My show is gone, and so am I.

As far as additions are concerned, one move has been confirmed. Huffington Post Sports Columnist Jordan Schultz tweeted earlier today that he’d be joining SiriusXM and hosting his first show on Bleacher Report Radio starting tomorrow.

Very excited and proud to announce I am joining Radio and . First show airs tomorrow at 3pm et!

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