Tue. Aug 14th, 2018

All Is Better With Leonsis and Dukes

With the Washington Wizards and Capitals embroiled in second round playoff matchups in their respective sports, owner Ted Leonsis has decided to bury the hatchet with sports radio host Chad Dukes.

Leonsis, after the Wizards completed their first-round series sweep of the Raptors, and as the Capitals were facing a Game 7 against the Islanders, had taken to his personal blog to voice the following frustration with Dukes’ game coverage.

Ted’s Take (sic):

“And on Friday, in drive time rush hour radio, from 500 pm to 600 pm, on 106.7 FM, the conversation wasn’t about the Wizards upcoming game, it was about bacon and potato casserole recipes, and favorite Seinfeld episodes. Is there any other market in America that sports talk radio converses about Seinfeld in drive time on the night of an NBA playoff game? Or the night before a big away Caps playoff game? Perhaps this is why Wizards and Caps fans don’t tune in?”

As Dukes would note on his radio show the next day, he had discussed both teams at great length earlier in the program with which Leonsis had taken issue. And, the specific segment the Monumental Sports owner had an issue with was caller-generated.

Leonsis’ blog post prompted this response from Clinton Yates in the DC Sports Bog:

The basic fact of the matter is that Dukes, a radio host, is looking to entertain and gain ratings. Last time I checked, bacon is delicious and “Seinfeld” still is quite popular in reruns. Meaning, if you talk about it, people will listen and call in. The purpose of a radio station, or any media outlet for that matter, is not to simply trumpet the interests of the people they cover. To imply that sports fans are not watching a team on television because the people on the radio aren’t talking about the games at all times just makes zero sense.

Like it or not, the two must continue to coexist in the same sports universe.

Ahead of Game 4 of the Capitals’ and Rangers’ Eastern Conference semifinal on Wednesday, with Dukes broadcasting remotely from the Verizon Center concourse, Leonsis set out to extend on olive branch.

“Before we start, I might have hurt somebody’s feelings. I didn’t mean it,” Leonsis approached the broadcast booth bearing gifts. “I brought you a peace-offering. There’s a great little candy store across the street called ‘IT’SUGAR.’ And I know that you aren’t the healthiest of eaters, so I wanted to bring you some red liquorice.”

“That is very nice of you, Ted,” Dukes accepted. “Thank you very much.”

After discussing both of Leonsis’ playoff teams for several minutes, Dukes, befitting of their original quarrel, proposed a ‘Bacon and Seinfeld’ promotion to be held at Verizon Center during the subsequent regular season.

“Hey, well you know Wale did the music with Seinfeld,” Leonsis noted. “I think they’re going on tour or something. Maybe we can get them to do something.”

Coincidentally, the two would conclude the segment by discussing Seinfeld, right smack dab in the middle of the 5- to 6 p.m. hour of drive time radio.

Listen to the audio here.

Credit to CBS Washington DC who originally published this article

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