Sat. Aug 18th, 2018

STAA & Yahoo Sports Radio Team Up

Yahoo Sports Radio and Jon Chelesnik’s Sportscaster Talent Agency of America are partnering in the launch of STAA University, an online program for instruction of future sportscasting talent. The interactive digital course includes an 11-week online curriculum, broadcast tools, mentorship, and networking and experiential opportunities. Yahoo Sports Radio will be involved with offering distribution of on-air broadcasts and podcasts, and YSR hosts Steve Czaban and Sean Salisbury are among speakers scheduled to take part. Registration begins today through June 1st, and the first semester will start on August 27th.

YSR EVP/Corporate Strategy Jeff Schwartz said, “I ask all sports broadcasters and executives — as an industry, moving forward, where do we find our next generation of voices? The same mouthpieces are heard throughout the field — so where do people get a chance?  I have always dreamt of building upon my history in broadcasting by creating a place to develop our successors and, not only present them an industry-rooted education, but share the creativity and excitement of broadcasting to keep our tradition alive. STAA University with Yahoo Sports Radio is that place and we are proud to partner with Jon Chelesnik in this venture.”

Chelesnik, CEO of STAA, said, “We are thrilled to launch STAA University with Yahoo Sports Radio. This is an unrivaled opportunity for students to work directly with a national sports network and our agency to learn the material we, the sportscasting business, are looking for in a broadcaster, and jump-start participant careers with unmatched educational, experiential and networking opportunities. This is an exciting time in sports broadcasting, and we want to offer a whole new generation the chance to be a part of it.”

Credit to All Access who originally published this story

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