Tue. Aug 21st, 2018

Rizzo To WKNR: Open The Vault

Tony Rizzo’s “vacation” last week at WKNR-AM 850 was actually a contract impasse.

He said on the air on March 2 that he signed a six-month extension with the station.
When his contract expired last week, he chose not to go on the air. Veteran Greg Brinda stepped in for the 53-year-old Rizzo on the “Really Big Show” last week.

Rizzo said he “took a week off” because of his contract situation.

He said the popular morning show recently celebrated its eight-year anniversary.

“We might not make it to nine,” he said.

The extension takes him to August.

“In August, I’ll have some decisions to make,” Rizzo said. “If they want me to work for them in August, open up the vault.”

Rizzo said he has some options to work elsewhere.

“They don’t like it when you have options,” Rizzo said. “They want to control you.”

He said he’s been contacted by other stations.

Good Karma vice president and General Manager Keith Williams declined to discuss the situation.

“We don’t comment on teammate agreements,” he said.

Credit to the News-Herald who originally published this article

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