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Demetri Ravanos
9 months ago no Comment

I have been on both sides of the host/producer relationship. Before making the switch to talk formats in 2012, I spent 6 years doing a rock morning show, where hosts are usually required to be their own producers. These experiences have taught me a lot about not only what makes me a good producer, but what qualities I look for in the person that is producing a show I host. Look, many hosts and PDs have different ideas about what they are looking for in the guy behind the glass, but there are three qualities that every great producer must have. 1. SELF-CONFIDENCE It’s usually only the hosts’ names that appear in the title of the show, but as a producer, it is your show too. You need to be able to walk in each day believing that you’re a vital part of the team. You need to know that the hosts on the other side of the glass are your equals, not your bosses. They may have a certain sound in mind or an idea of how they want a conversation to flow, but you have to be able to say “let’s tweak this and the bit will sound […]