Jason Barrett owns and operates Barrett Sports Media, a full service sports media consulting company which helps brands and individuals enjoy success in the audio space. He is a 20 year sports radio veteran with a passion for coaching and developing talent, and designing brands and leading them to the top of the ratings ladder.

His career began in upstate NY as an on-air talent, before he chose to move behind the scenes 8 years later. Since making that switch, he’s gone on to program 5 different stations including 4 in top 20 markets. During those stints, Jason has built 2 FM sports talkers (101 ESPN in St. Louis & 95.7 The Game in SF) from scratch, and turned them into strong performers and some of the most respected brands in the sports radio format.

During his career, Jason has had the good fortune to work with and coach some of the most accomplished sports broadcasters in the country. The list includes Dan Patrick, Keith Olbermann, Sean Salisbury, Doug Gottlieb, Chuck Wilson, John Seibel, Freddie Coleman, D’Marco Farr, Bernie Miklasz, Bryan Burwell, Bob Stelton, Randy Karraker, Chris Dimino, Greg Papa, Ric Bucher, Brandon Tierney, Eric Davis, John Lund, Damon Bruce, Roxy Bernstein, Jody MacDonald, and Chad Doing among others. He’s also played a part in either discovering or launching bigger platforms for Chris Duncan, Aubrey Huff, Zach McCrite, Harry Mayes, Rob Ellis, Guy Haberman, Meredith Marakovits, Rick Venturi, Tony Softli, John Middlekauff, Joe Fortenbaugh and Lorenzo Neal.

An accomplished professional with a commitment to helping brands and individuals in the sports radio industry raise their profiles and enjoy larger success, Jason is experienced in every single aspect of the sports radio, digital and social media business. He is a firm believer in scouting local and national talent on a regular basis, and keeps an updated document with the lineup of every major sports radio station in the country along with detailed analysis of each station and its personalities.

On a personal note he enjoys discovering new music, traveling, reading, watching sports, and spending time with his family.


Best Interviewer: Dan Patrick

Funniest On-Air Personality: John Tobin

Best Mind In Sports Radio: Bruce Gilbert

Most Well-Rounded Broadcaster: Mike Greenberg

Most Interesting Sports Radio Host: Colin Cowherd

Most Authoritative Sports Radio Host: Mike Francesa

Most Entertaining Sports Radio Show(s): Dan Le Batard/G-Bag Nation/Sports Junkies

Favorite Sports Station(s): WFAN in NY, WEEI in Boston & 101 ESPN in St. Louis

Career Highlight(s): Leading 101 ESPN in STL to #1 and 95.7 The Game to #3 in SF

Remaining Goals: To Help Make Sports Radio Great Again and Leave a Mark on the Industry