Wed. Jul 18th, 2018

Will Craig Carton Join Barstool Radio on SiriusXM?

Last month Barstool announced they would expand their daily two hour show on SiriusXM by making channel 93 a 24/7 Barstool Radio channel. Also in November, Craig Carton resurfaced, following his arrest and resignation from WFAN, launching his podcast “Hello My Name is Craig.” Barstool founder and CEO Dave Portnay confirmed Michael McCarthy’s recent report that Portnoy was speaking to Carton about joining Barstool.

“He’s good at what he does,” Portnay told The Daily News. “He has told us his side of the story and if you take him at his word, we’re comfortable with what he said and my job particularly is about entertaining content, whether it be on the radio or the website or whatever. He’s awesome at what he does. So that’s really what I care about is entertaining our readers and I think he’s great at it.”

Portnoy did not say the specific role they were looking for Carton to fill. Barstool could be a home for Carton’s podcast, or they could look to add him to their 24 hour SiriusXM channel which is expected to launch on January 15, 2018.

After working for ESPN and Fox Sports 1, Julie Stewart Binks joined Barstool in July. Stewart Binks will be part of Barstool Radio’s daily lineup on SiriusXM. While on Mike Francesa’s celebratory radio show last Thursday, she mentioned she was in the middle of doing test shows with potential co-hosts for the channel’s upcoming morning show.

Earlier this week Carton tweeted a picture of a hat that said “Viva.” Carton’s caption for the photo read, “my motto for the day written simply on a hat,” which seemed to acknowledge Barstool’s slogan, “Viva La Stool.

Very upfront about the legal trouble surrounding Carton, Portnoy told the Daily News, “The fact that he’s in trouble with the law does not scare me, people make mistakes. But if he went to jail, he obviously wouldn’t be able to work with us. But that’s something that doesn’t particularly bother me.”

Barstool is launching a 24 hour channel on SiriusXM and has a need for a morning host, Carton has a relationship with Barstool and is one of the most successful sports radio morning host’s in the country. Factor in his current availability and location, when you connect the dots it seems like a logical fit.

Carton pled not guilty to an indictment charging him with an alleged ticket resale Ponzi scheme on November 8th. His most recent court hearing was November 30th where a tentative trial date for September 2018 was set.

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