Sun. Jul 15th, 2018

College GameDay Set To Invade The Big Apple

ESPN College Gameday, is the networks college football pregame show known best for broadcasting live from one of the weeks most anticipated games. With a raucous crowd behind them, the show’s anticipated prediction segment concludes with Lee Corso donning mascot headgear of the team he picks, generating an inspired fan reaction.

But this week, Gameday will not be live from No. 17 Mississippi State at No. 11 Georgia, or No. 16 TCU at No. 6 Oklahoma State. Instead, Gameday will be live from New York City.

An ESPN executive told the Star-Telegram, the network does not send the show to the best game, they pursue the best story. There is no game being played in Times Square and the area’s biggest college football team, Rutgers, has yet to have a successful transition to the Big Ten.

Networks and producers are always looking to try new ideas, and generating fans and ratings from an appealing market like New York will benefit the show, but it might not be easy. As the NFL learned with the New York/New Jersey Super Bowl in 2014, with so many entertainment options in the big apple, it’s often difficult to garner the city’s attention.

The show should be able to find plenty of college football fans to fill the set’s background as they always do, but will it create the same excitement as being at a game-site?

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