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WFAN and CBS Sports Radio Add Legal Analyst Amy Dash

WFAN and CBS Sports Radio are exploring new territory with the addition of a legal analyst. The CBS radio stations have hired “Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen” special correspondent, and Law Newz anchor Amy Dash to offer legal analysis locally and nationally.

“I am thrilled to contribute to CBS Sports Radio and WFAN, working alongside the station’s top-notch talent, producers and management,” said Dash. “I am especially looking forward to bringing legal straight talk to passionate sports fans. A high profile case can sideline an all-star on championship day or incite a national dialogue about patriotism and civil rights. The law is its own sport and fans who understand it can help shape the future of the game. I hope audiences will join me in debating the biggest cases in sports!”

“Complementing her legal and journalistic backgrounds, Amy has a deep history of covering New York stories which will make her a welcome voice on The Fan,” added WFAN PD and CBS Radio New York VP of Programming Mark Chernoff. “Her legal coverage of the sports played right in our backyard will be a great conversation starter for our listeners and hosts.”

“Now more than ever it’s the right time to add a legal analyst to keep CBS Sports Radio listeners informed of the latest legal issues affecting the teams and players we report on, follow and celebrate,” said CBS Sports Radio Director of Programming Eric Spitz. “Amy will offer her keen insight and commentary on everything from breaking legal news involving professional and college athletes to fantasy sports. We’re excited for her to provide this additional level of coverage.”

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