Thu. Jul 19th, 2018

Marcellus and Keyshawn Get Ready To Race

ESPNLA radio colleagues and former NFLers Marcellus Wiley and Keyshawn Johnson will square off in a 40-yard dash competition at the Los Angeles Coliseum at the L.A. Rams Fan Fest prior to the Rams vs. the Los Angeles Chargers pre-season game (kicking off on  ESPNLA 710AM at 5pm PT). The race will take place at approximately 2pm PT and Fan Fest attendees will be able to join, run the track and try the 40-yard dash and record their times. ESPNLA 710 is encouraging fans to show support and represent either Keyshawn or Marcellus by using #MarKeyRace on social media.

The idea developed organically after a debate unfolded on ESPNLA 710’s morning show. Lakers legend and radio colleague Mychal Thompson was chatting with Johnson about their 40-yard dash times, when one of Johnson’s co-hosts, LZ Granderson, raised the idea of Johnson racing Wiley to prove he could run as fast as he said he could.

The #MarKey special is scheduled to air from 1p-2p PT on ESPNLA with Johnson’s partner Jorge Sedano and Wiley’s teammate Kelvin Washington serving as co-hosts. Interviews with Wiley, Johnson and special guests will be included as well to hype up the drama and make the program entertaining.

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