Wed. Jul 18th, 2018

Cassidy Hubbarth Signs ESPN Contract Extension

Versatility is in demand at ESPN, and that bodes well for Casiddy Hubbarth, who has signed a new multi-year deal to remain with the company. The talented college football studio host and NBA in-game reporter joined ESPN in 2010, and is expected to increase her role by contributing to Mike Greenberg’s new television morning show according to the Sporting News.

“Cassidy is interested, knowledgeable and inquisitive about the NBA,” said Tim Corrigan, ESPN’s NBA senior coordinating producer. “Her passion and commitment to our coverage is obvious and it has created many opportunities for her. It’s been fun to see Cassidy’s natural progression over the years.”

When asked about her the new agreement, Hubbarth added she was grateful and proud but doesn’t feel she’s arrived yet. Although she does believe that she’s started to find her way.

“I’ve been lucky to have worked on a number of shows at ESPN, but specifically, these last four years where I have found a home with the NBA and college football, I also feel like I have found my voice,” Hubbarth told ESPN’s Front Row. “To be a part of our coverage of two of the biggest and most exciting leagues in sports, is certainly not lost on me. And our coverage specifically, on both the NBA and college football is the best. So my interest to cover my two favorite sports, with the company who does it the best, is pretty self-explanatory.”

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