Wed. Jul 18th, 2018

BSMP1-14: Freddie Coleman – ESPN Radio

LaVar Ball’s interview on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” created mixed reactions across the sports media industry. Some rose to the defense of the controversial father of NBA prospect Lonzo Ball, but most felt his behavior was out of bounds, and grounds for not being given a future opportunity to appear on FS1’s airwaves. Jason though believes a follow up appearance from Ball on Cowherd’s show needs to happen, and it’s the focus of his Starting Point.

For this week’s sports media conversation, Jason reconnects with a longtime friend and former colleague, ESPN Radio’s Freddie Coleman. During the course of their 45-minute discussion, Jason and Freddie discuss paying dues in small markets, the way ESPN has changed over the past 13 years, the reason why First Take is successful and what people misunderstand about the show, how to handle volatile guests like LaVar Ball, and the keys to thriving and surviving on a national stage for more than 13 years.


  • The challenge of doing what’s best for business vs. what you personally like
  • What hosts must do to maintain control when talking to bombastic guests
  • Qualities and habits he picked up while working in smaller markets
  • Why it’s beneficial for broadcasters to pay dues before catching a break
  • His introduction to hosting a sports talk show 5-days per week in Albany, NY
  • Landing on ESPN Radio’s radar and the details of his on-air audition
  • How working on ESPN Radio’s GameNight, a 6-hour show, helped him grow
  • The ways ESPN Radio has changed for the better and the worse during his time
  • How he’s managed to survive and thrive at ESPN Radio over the past 13 years
  • His previous frustrations of not earning a daytime shot & how he changed his mindset
  • What makes his show on the network with Ian Fitzsimmons fun and unique
  • Why he believes people are more critical and rooting for the worldwide leader to fail
  • SportsCenter’s challenges and why he feels the show isn’t as powerful as it once was
  • Why First Take succeeds and what the number one misconception is about the show
  • Quick Hits – Jets/Knicks, Best advice, Most influential host, ex-ESPN colleague


Freddie’s Twitter handle: @ColemanESPN

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