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BSMP1-12: Michael McCarthy and Bryan Curtis

One week after terminating an estimated 100 on-air employees, ESPN has been the topic of conversation in every sports media circle. Jason recaps the events of the past week and identifies three big issues he feels have played a part in the network’s decision to reduce head count.

But the conversation doesn’t end there.

Jason is joined for a round table discussion by two exceptional sports media reporters, Michael McCarthy of the Sporting News, and Bryan Curtis of The Ringer. Mike and Bryan add their insights and opinions on the various issues facing ESPN, expected changes coming soon to sports television, the future of play by play deals, FS1’s current standing and ability to ascend higher and much more.


  • The #1 reason why an estimated 100 people lost their jobs at ESPN
  • Who among ESPN’s numerous cuts produced the biggest surprise
  • The likelihood of ESPN making annual cuts and possibly trimming again in 2017
  • ESPN’s political influence and the negative impact its had on brand perception
  • Why industry people have lost confidence in ESPN’s play by play deals
  • Will the NFL’s ratings recover in 2017 or has the bubble burst?
  • What John Skipper’s ESPN legacy would be if he exited tomorrow
  • If ESPN loses one of its right deals in the future which one will it be?
  • Which network poses the biggest threat to luring away one of ESPN’s rights deals
  • Mike Greenberg’s move to morning TV and whether or not it will be successful
  • FS1’s leash with the Murdoch family and how long until higher numbers are expected
  • The possibility of FOX News’ challenges impacting future commitments on FS1
  • Quick Hits – Bill Simmons, Restoring faith in ESPN, Mike Francesa, 3 names to add


Michael’s’ Twitter handle: @MMcCarthyREV

Bryan’s Twitter handle: @BryanCurtis

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