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Terry Foster Retiring From 97.1 The Ticket

Terry Foster returned to 97.1 The Ticket’s airwaves in January after battling health issues. But after a brief return, the popular Detroit personality has announced his retirement and exit from the station.

Foster has teamed with Mike Valenti to form one of sports radio’s most successful sports talk shows for over a decade. The two men have enjoyed great ratings success, while earning national recognition for their performance, even as local teams tried to assert their influence and pull them apart.

In making one of the toughest decisions of his professional career Foster said, “I am retiring from sports radio but I am not retiring from life. It is time for me to move on to a more low-key career. I want to thank (Market Manager) Deb Kenyon and Program Director Jimmy Powers for helping me get through a difficult time of my life and for the support during my 13-year career with 97.1 The Ticket.

He continued, “I also want to thank the most talented man in radio, Mike Valenti, for showing me the ropes, and thank the men behind the glass and my main crew David “The Hatchet Man” Hull and Mike Sullivan. We were a great team. I just could no longer keep up the brisk pace of talk radio after my illness. I appreciate the love and show of support from the fans during my most trying days and through my career in radio and newspaper. And I would love one last hug from my CBS Radio family in Southfield. I found out over the past few months that health and family are the most important things in life. I will see you at the next game.”

PD Jimmy Powers added, “Terry has brought witty banter, laugh-out-loud humor, and engaging personal stories to thousands of Detroit listeners every afternoon over the past 13 years. He was a vital part of making ‘Valenti and Foster’ the success it is and his contributions to local radio and to our station will be sorely missed. Everyone at 97.1 is sending good vibes and well wishes for health and happiness to Terry and his family.”

“It’s been a great run for Terry Foster and I on 97.1 The Ticket for more than a decade,” said Valenti, who will host the afternoon show solo until a new co-host is identified. “Working with Terry has provided some memorable on-air moments. I want to wish Terry the same success in retirement that we have enjoyed together as a team. All the best, Terry, to you and your wonderful family.”

Valenti addressed the issue today on the afternoon program. It’s worth your time to take a listen. You can do so by clicking here.

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