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BSMP1-8: Bruce Gilbert – Cumulus Sports

After publishing a survey on the state of ESPN, Scott Van Pelt and a few other Bristol folks took exception with the results and called into question Jason Barrett’s credibility. On the 8th episode of the Barrett Sports Media Podcast, Jason addresses the situation and examines the industry’s inability to handle critical feedback.

Additionally, Cumulus’ Senior Vice President of Sports Bruce Gilbert checks in for an in depth conversation on various aspects of the sports radio industry including the elimination of sports updates, the CBS-Entercom merger, the future of Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio and much more.


  • How national sports radio networks measure success
  • Why television promotion and exposure factors into the network game
  • What a corporate radio executive does to help the company’s local brands
  • The rationale for eliminating sports updates on KNBR in San Francisco
  • Redirecting resources into areas where they can best help a brand enjoy success
  • Observations of ESPN Radio’s current programming and the future of Mike & Mike
  • Why it’s important for programmers to be accessible and open minded to applicants
  • What the sports radio industry must do to improve its offerings of diverse voices
  • The number one reason why sports radio struggle with handling critical feedback
  • How to use the ratings system, your gut and your ear to best help your radio station
  • The CBS-Entercom merger and why it’s a positive for the future of the radio industry
  • Quick Hits – best show, better PD, most proud ESPN Radio contribution, biggest regret


Bruce’s’ Twitter handle: BruceGilbert14

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