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Rex Ryan To Join ESPN’s NFL Sunday Countdown

It was only a matter of time until Rex Ryan’s mouth landed him on the airwaves of ESPN. Despite reports of the worldwide leader in sports expecting to layoff a number of on-air personalities in the upcoming months, that isn’t stopping them from adding the outspoken former Head Coach of the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills to their NFL analyst team.

According to the NY Daily News, Ryan has signed a multi-year deal to join Sunday NFL Countdown. The one lingering question is if his addition will lead to the exit of another member of the show or if the network will add an extra chair. Sunday NFL Countdown currently features analysts Randy Moss, Charles Woodson, Matthew Hasselbeck, and Trent Dilfer.

The show will also have a new lead host due to Chris Berman’s role changing at the network. Samantha Ponder, Trey Wingo and Suzy Kolber have all been mentioned as potential replacements, with insiders expecting the nod to go to Ponder.

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