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BSMP1-6: Erik Kuselias – Genesis Communications

On the 6th episode of the Barrett Sports Media Podcast, Jason Barrett analyzes the lack of diversity in sports radio and explains his approach to writing columns which deal with sensitive subjects. He also weighs in on Colin Cowherd’s comments about ESPN being at a disadvantage for attracting quality people due to being located in Bristol, CT.

Plus former ESPN and NBC Sports Radio and television host Erik Kuselias, who presently hosts a morning drive program for Genesis Communications in Tampa and Orlando, checks in to discuss the various stages of his media career and a number of issues relating to his on-air approach and the current state of sports media.


  • Getting his start on a small station with a limited signal
  • Unexpectedly gaining the attention of an ESPN Radio executive
  • Landing in afternoons on ESPN Radio with his brother & then flying solo
  • Moving from ESPN Radio to ESPN television as the host of NASCAR Now
  • Returning to ESPN Radio and dealing with the surprise of not being renewed
  • Being hired by the Golf Channel and the criticisms he and Gary Williams faced
  • Shifting to NBC Sports television and radio and why he welcomed the change
  • Outkicking his coverage and catching Holly Sonders’ eye, who he’s since married
  • The false reports that said he and Holly pitched themselves as an item to NBC & FOX
  • What made hosting locally in Tampa and Orlando appealing after working nationally
  • Why he welcomes political talk on his show & the sports media’s left leaning agenda
  • What he feels has improved and gone backwards in sports media over the past 5 years
  • His response to Colin Cowherd saying ESPN loses people because it’s based in Bristol, CT
  • Quick Hits – best career moment, #1 mistake, best in sports media, the state of ESPN


Erik’s’ Twitter handle: FantasyEK

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