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KNBR Drops Sports Updates, Parts with Two Anchors

The arrival of the internet followed by the explosion of social media during the past decade has led to a massive change in the way people receive sports information. As a result, it’s forced broadcasters to take a closer look at what’s critical and less important on their radio stations.

For KNBR in San Francisco, they’ve arrived at the conclusion that the need for sports updates was minimal, and as a result they’ve made the tough decision to eliminate them from their on-air presentation.

Due to the change in strategy, update anchors Matt Kolsky and Joe Hughes are no longer working for the station. Hughes and Kolsky each thanked the station and their former colleagues on Twitter and acknowledged that although it’s tough to lose an opportunity, they understood the station’s decision and the way listener habits had changed in recent years.

Ryan Covay who also contributed on-air as a host, update anchor and off the air as a producer is sticking around. Kate Scott who previously delivered updates in morning drive left the station in January.

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