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BSMP1-2: Brandon Tierney – CBS Sports Radio

In the second episode of the Barrett Sports Media Podcast, Jason shares advice on how job hunters should approach programmers when pursuing opportunities and talks with CBS Sports Radio midday host Brandon Tierney about his career in the industry. Below are the areas Jason and Brandon dive into during their fifty five minute conversation.


  • How debates with his dad served as early fuel to want to pursue sports talk
  • Getting his first break in Allentown and faking it until he made it
  • Landing in Las Vegas with the now defunct Sports Fan Radio Network
  • How trusting Gregg Henson put him in position to break thru in Detroit
  • Being pressured by Clear Channel to sign a bad deal and leaving the station
  • Receiving the call from NY to pursue his dream of working in the big apple
  • Clashing with Mike Thompson over his role alongside Stephen A. Smith
  • What he learned from hosting daily with New York radio veteran Jody Mac
  • The difficulty of leaving ESPN NY and knowing his New York run was over
  • Choosing to move to San Francisco rather than accept an opportunity at WIP
  • The challenges of working with Eric Davis and what he learned from it
  • Having to change his mindset to evaluate the growth of his national show
  • Five quick hitting industry related questions


Brandon’s Twitter handle: @brandontierney

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