Thu. Jul 19th, 2018

Is John Dennis on The Way Out at WEEI?

On Saturday, Chad Finn of the Boston Globe reported that John Dennis’ time on WEEI may be nearing an end. Dennis, has been a part of the “Dennis and Callahan” morning show on WEEI since 1997, working alongside his longtime partner Gerry Callahan. According to the report, Dennis has had a deteriorating relationship with his colleagues, specifically Kirk Minihane, who has been a third host on the program since 2013.

Last week, Dennis apparently expressed an interest in quitting the show. Entercom Boston Vice President/Market Manager Phil Zachary denied though that John would be leaving the station immediately.

“Dino has his predilections, and one is a propensity for routinely pushing up his retirement date,’’ Zachary told the Globe via email. “Our plan is to keep him on the WEEI team until at least September 2017. He and I spoke at length today about a number of priorities for the next few months, and Dino’s very much on board.”

The tipping point occurred last Thursday night when Dennis retweeted and responded to a number of negative comments from his followers about Minihane’s pending return from vacation. Dennis acknowledged that he’d be in for Friday’s show and would confront his co-host the next morning, but it never happened.

Instead, Dennis was absent from Friday’s program, only fueling the fire of Minihane who hammered Dennis on-air and on social media for not showing up.

The D&C show does build up in-house feuds from time to time to generate further interest and entertainment, so it isn’t impossible for the trio to take advantage of the chaos and use it to their benefit, but according to the report, the animosity between Dennis and his partners is real.

The question now is, how long will they stick together before they reach their breaking point? They’re one of the highest rated morning shows in the country so it’s understandable why many are trying to find a way to keep them together.

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