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D’Marco Farr Is Leaving The Fast Lane on 101 ESPN

D’Marco Farr is leaving ‘The Fast Lane’ on 101 ESPN in St. Louis after seven and a half years. The former NFL player turned radio host announced today that due to family reasons he is relocating to Los Angeles. He had been doing the afternoon show remotely the past two months but says that his family priorities require a larger focus, and it’s best for all involved if he moves on and the radio station has an opportunity to add a new member who can be more involved on a daily basis.

“My wife and I, there’s been a lot of sickness in our family (who need taken care off) and it’s falling on us to do it,” said Farr. “Life has taken us here. It’s a horrible decision to make, but it’s something we have to do. This is really freaking tough and I’m trying to keep it together.”

Farr continued: “Even if the Rams had remained the St. Louis Rams now and forever, I would still be (in Los Angeles). This is just where my life has taken me right now. So this had nothing to do with the other, but an opportunity came up.”

Farr then finished by talking about his fondness for the St. Louis community and the relationships he’s formed along the way.

“All three of my kids were born (in St. Louis). That’s never going to change. I wish I could move everybody I love out there, but that’s just not the case. I’ve been teammates with Randy and (Mike) Rider longer than I was with Isaac Bruce. It doesn’t suck going to work every day so this was not an easy choice for me.”

Farr was an original member of 101 ESPN. He signed on when the radio station launched in January 2009 to form the afternoon program alongside Randy Karraker and Bob Ramsey. The show has gone through a few changes over the years, including adding former Cardinal Outfielder Chris Duncan before he shifted over to middays and former Cardinals reliever Brad Thompson joined the group.

‘The Fast Lane’ is consistently one of the highest rated sports shows in St. Louis. Program Director Hoss Neupert tells BSM that the radio station will add a third member but he’s interested in finding the right fit rather than making a quick decision. The show will operate as a two-man show until a strong third host is identified. Interested applicants can apply by clicking here.

As far as his future is concerned, D’Marco will be continuing his radio career. He announced on 101 ESPN that he’s joining the Los Angeles Rams radio broadcast. According to sources he’ll be involved as the team’s in-game sideline reporter. He previously worked as the team’s radio analyst during their time in St. Louis. He’s also expected to make guest appearances on Los Angeles sports radio station ESPNLA 710.

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