Wed. Jul 18th, 2018

PASR67: Zach McCrite – About Sports Radio Podcast



“I thought one-sided radio was just for politics, and it’s not.” – Zach McCrite

The guest on this episode of The PASR is actually the host, Zach McCrite.

Zach made an appearance last week on The Matt Jones Podcast, consistently one of the top sports podcasts in the iTunes rankings. Jones was once a guest on The PASR (Episode 12) and is still, as of this recording, the most downloaded episode in PASR history.

This is a partial syndication of that episode of The Matt Jones Podcast.

In it, Jones asks Zach about his recent move back to his hometown, the radio scene the both of them ran around in over a decade ago, and sports radio as it stands today.

Enjoy this table-turning episode of The PASR and check out the full, unedited episode here.


  • Reflecting back on the early days of Kentucky Sports Radio
  • Why moving back to Louisville was important for Zach’s family
  • How Matt Jones got his radio break courtesy of Zach McCrite
  • The emergence of Nasty Nate and a number of crazy stories about him
  • Getting KSR started and how Zach and Matt developed the program
  • Being an antagonist and how Zach used those skills to push Matt’s buttons
  • The early relationship challenges that existed between Matt and Zach
  • Zach’s decision to move to other cities and seeing KSR take off from afar
  • Matt makes his pitch to have Zach host mornings on 1080 in Louisville
  • The reasons why hosts must be objective and avoid protecting local teams
  • An admission that U of L has pressured Matt’s radio employer to fire him
  • One final plea from Matt to have Zach return to the local airwaves full time


  • Zach’s Twitter handle: @BigEZ


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