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PASR64: Chris Childers – SiriusXM


“Do everything you possibly can. If you know you want to do this, take your camera, take your microphone, get out and cover the local teams, even if it’s not going to be aired anywhere and just get the reps and do it.” – Chris Childers

Sometimes there are people that think they missed their opportunity to pursue dreams of being a sports broadcaster.

But as many of have learned, it’s never too late.

In the case of Chris Childers, it’s never too early either. After all, he earned his first break at 11 years old. Yes, 11.

He made the most of that opportunity, and others that followed, and now occupies the airwaves five days per week on SiriusXM’s College Sports Nation.

In this edition of the PASR, Chris tells you about the one interview that helped him gain his own show, his working relationship with former college football coach Rick Neuheisel, and how to work your way up the ladder and earn opportunities.


  • Growing up in Chicago listening to 670 The Score and wanting to do the same job
  • Being a fan of Boers & Bernstein because of their ability to inform and entertain
  • How he aced an audition in 6th grade and landed a public access show
  • Learning the radio business as an intern at Sporting News Radio
  • Getting his first paid job at Rivals Radio and gaining the attention of Steve Cohen
  • Advice for young broadcasters on how to develop and prepare for opportunities
  • Working with Rick Nueheisel and what makes their partnership work on-air
  • The way Sirius has grown as a company since he joined over a decade ago
  • Why he doesn’t put a lot of time and worrying into what the future holds
  • Common mistakes made in interviewing and why Howard Stern is the best at it



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