Thu. Jul 19th, 2018

NBC Sports Signs Mike Florio To Long-Term Extension

NBC Sports has locked up one of its most valuable commodities – Mike Florio. The network announced through a press release that a new long-term contract extension has been agreed to by both parties.

Under the terms of the new arrangement, NBC Sports will further extend the multi-platform partnership with Pro Football Talk, the informative, innovative, and NFL-focused website created and operated by Florio. The network will also increase video content, having Florio provide daily, short-form video reports to supplement PFT’s written coverage on breaking NFL news.

Florio brought the Pro Football Talk brand to NBC Sports in July 2009. It’s since become a staple of NBC Sports’ digital focus. According to the press release, the website generates 1.9 million page views and 725,000 unique visitors daily.

“The decision to partner with NBC continues to be the single best professional decision I’ve ever made,” said Florio. “Of course, I usually make pretty bad professional decisions. So there really isn’t much competition for the top spot.”

“Mike and PFT are a highly respected voice and destination for news in the sport, and have been significant to the growth of,” said Rick Cordella, Senior Vice President & General Manager, NBC Sports Digital. “As video becomes increasingly important to our digital business and viewers consumption habits, we agreed that this was the perfect opportunity to extend our partnership and expand PFT’s video presence.”

In addition to the continued focus of the online brand, and an increase in video content, PFT will continue to air on NBC Sports Radio. Florio will also remain involved as a contributor to NBC’s Football Night in America.

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