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Mike Francesa Tells Gorilla Defenders “You’re Warped”

Driving in the car earlier, I stumbled onto a piece of radio that was impossible to turn off. Mike Francesa of WFAN, who focuses the majority of his content on sports talk issues, decided to venture into unchartered waters. The New York City radio host brought up the story of the incident that took place over the weekend at the Cincinnati Zoo.

In case you missed it, zoo officials shot and killed a gorilla after fearing for the safety of a four year child which had fallen into the gorilla’s area. Here’s the video of what transpired.

The story has set off reaction across the nation. Many agree with the zoo’s decision to put the gorilla down. Thousands of others have called for the mother of the child to face charges, zoo’s to be shut down, and additional answers on why zoo officials didn’t attempt to sedate the gorilla rather than kill it.

Francesa was furious with those who have taken the zoo officials to task, and went on an eight minute rant about the story. To hear it, click on the audio clip below.


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