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PASR60: Isaac Ropp – 1080 The Fan



“I think authenticity is something that I really want out of my sports radio that I don’t hear a whole lot.” – Isaac Ropp

Imagine latching onto a radio station, virtually right out of college, and sticking with that same radio station your entire career.

Maybe you crave an opportunity like that one. Or perhaps that sounds boring to you.

In Isaac Ropp’s case, though, it was the best of both worlds.  Isaac went to a radio broadcasting class in college, talked to a local sports radio pro and worked all the way up from asking a superior for feedback on a sports update demo to afternoon drive host in Portland.

And he’s been at the same station for 15 years.

Hear more about Ropp’s secrets behind those successes and more in this episode of the PASR.


  • How he fell in love with sports radio
  • Getting his first break thanks to John Lund
  • Creating a demo & getting a shot thanks to Allan Davis
  • Working with Colin Cowherd, Gavin Dawson & Ian Furness
  • The way he’d describe his afternoon show with Big Suke
  • What he believes is critical for a long-term on-air partnership
  • Which lessons he learned from working with Colin
  • How his show with Suke has changed over the years
  • The hosts/shows he believes do a great job in the format
  • His pet peeves about certain shows in the industry


  • Isaac’s Twitter handle: @IRopp


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