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PASR58: Nick Cellini – 680 The Fan



“Before I got a job filling in again, my routine was the same — I prepped for a show that wasn’t coming.” – Nick Cellini

Nick Cellini has been in sports radio longer than 95% of other on-air talent.

Emphasis on talent.

Why? Because he has been a memorable voice in morning drive in Atlanta on not one, but two stations.

And even with his self-admitted mistake of being the ringleader of a bit gone wrong (making fun of ALS-stricken former New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason), his humility in it’s aftermath along with his aforementioned talent helped find himself back on morning drive in Atlanta, for 680 The Fan.

Hear how he got into the business, what his career low point was, how he describes his morning show The Rude Awakening, and much more on this episode of The PASR.


  • How he got the bug to do sports radio by following his brother’s example
  • Growing up as a fan of sports talk by listening to Pete Franklin
  • His first paid gig in Cleveland at WWWE (now WTAM)
  • Leaving the industry to pursue a normal job as an insurance adjuster
  • Moving to Atlanta and hoping to get a foot in the door
  • Getting his start with 790 The Zone and spending 17 years there
  • The lessons he learned from the Steve Gleason ALS radio bit
  • Being pranked back by Gleason and gaining his forgiveness
  • When he hit rock bottom and the impact it had on his family
  • Having doubts about whether he’d get a second chance
  • Feeling like he got over the hump and was back to being himself
  • What makes “The Rude Awakening” morning show work
  • The happiest he’s ever been in the radio business
  • How sports radio has changed due to social media
  • Why sports talk needs a little more laughter and positivity
  • What he’s most proud of during his sports radio career
  • His number one pet peeve with other broadcasters
  • Being impressed with Dan Le Batard and his approach



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