Thu. Jul 19th, 2018

Irv Brown Ready To Ride Off Into The Sunset

On Thursday April 7th, Irv Brown will step away from the microphone for the final time. Brown, who helped pioneer sports talk radio in Denver, has spent the better part of three decades on the Denver airwaves, and is ready to write the final chapter on his remarkable career.

His impact has spread far beyond the radio. He’s done play-by-play and color commentary on television for nearly every sport. He’s also helped launch the careers of numerous other on-air personalities, including Dave Logan and Drew Goodman.

To celebrate his career, Mile High Sports Radio is declaring April 7th “Irv Brown Day”. The radio station will broadcast the final “Irv and Joe” show, which includes Brown’s co-host Joe Williams, LIVE from the Blake Street Tavern. More information is available on Mile High’s website.


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