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Schilling Explains His Confusion with ESPN’s Political Policy

Two days after Curt Schilling appeared on 610 Sports in Kansas City and took aim at Hillary Clinton, the former MLB Pitcher and current ESPN Analyst visited WEEI in Boston to explain himself and his unfamiliarity with ESPN’s political policies.

Schilling appeared Thursday with “Dennis and Callahan” and didn’t apologize for saying Hillary Clinton should be “buried under a jail” but did say that he was unaware of ESPN’s position as it applies to him sharing his political views on another network.

An ESPN spokesman said the company is looking into the controversial comments, and will address them with Schilling but they’ve yet to do so. The company distributed a memo a few weeks ago urging employees to steer clear of personal attacks, drive-by commentaries, and political editorializing about the candidates and their political campaigns.

Schilling claims that he didn’t see the memo when the company initially sent it. “Right hand to God, I didn’t get that until about two weeks ago ’cause it was in my spam folder. I’m like, ‘What is this memo, people making this up? And then when I read it, I was like OK. My assumption was they didn’t want us talking about politics in an ESPN setting, whether it be radio or television. I’m assuming that probably ended up not being right.”

Schilling added “I think people assume that I’m saying things to rile other people up but I say what I believe, and I’m passionate about what I believe. That doesn’t make me right, it just makes me me. And I’m OK with that. I sleep good at night. If my employer fires me because of that, then it wasn’t meant to be.”

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