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Former Teammates Upset By Chris Cooley’s Comments

One of the best parts about Chris Cooley hosting a sports talk radio show is that he delivers his opinions without fear of consequences. Even if it might create a divide with some of his former teammates.

During Monday’s show on ESPN 980 in Washington DC, Cooley was asked by co-host Al Galdi about the relationship between Kirk Cousins and Robert Griffin III.

Cooley said “There’s a working relationship where guys show up and they work. I would drink a beer with Mike Shanahan today; I did not like him as a head coach. I like him as a dude. That said, I don’t think Kirk Cousins and Robert Griffin are going to be drinking any beers together. One, Robert doesn’t drink, [and] Kirk rarely drinks. But there was never a friendship relationship. From the moment Kirk was drafted, I think Robert had animosity towards him. A lot of people in this area hated that fourth-round pick; I don’t think anyone hated it as much as RGIII hated it.”

Cooley pointed out that RG3 was never interested in being friends with Cousins, and when people started to suggest that Kirk might be the better long-term guy, the situation became even worse. He also added that some of Griffin’s teammates were not fans of playing with him.

Upon hearing of Cooley’s comments, a few current and former Redskins players took to Twitter to share their anger with the former Skins Tight End turned radio host. None was more vocal than Brian Orakpo!


Ricky Jean Francois and Niles Paul also chimed in on Twitter.




RGIII hasn’t responded and is likely focusing his efforts on finding a new team to suit up for. After hearing about the comments from some of his former teammates, Cooley explained his position.

“I don’t care one little bit about a headline. I don’t care one bit about generating interest for ratings. I don’t care one bit about promoting myself. I have a job that I’m going to do for a long time. It’s not about pumping myself up or trying to be cool. I made a couple points and I’m not coming off of them. I’m not looking for an out. We can talk about them. We can discuss them, but I believe them. They’re my opinion. They’re not given to me by anybody inside. I didn’t see it as the big issue that it became.”

Cooley went on to mention that it’s become difficult for people in society to speak candidly about the way they feel, and any negative comments made about others become instant headlines. He also addressed the comments made by Brian Orakpo and Niles Paul, and Ricky Jean Francois appeared on the show in studio. To hear Cooley’s response click here.


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