Sun. Jul 15th, 2018

PASR51: Fred Toucher – 98.5 The Sports Hub



 “There’s definitely a victim culture (with sports radio hosts) now. They take great delight in being offended!” – Fred Toucher

You’ve thought about being the top-rated sports talk morning show in your market right? You’re likely aware that it’s not easy to do!

Now imagine reaching that milestone while transitioning from a music format to a sports format for the first time in your career.

Oh yeah, and it’s in Boston, arguably one of the most passionate sports markets in the country.

Fred Toucher did that, and did it fast. With his partner, Rich Shertenlieb, the show has become one of the most popular in the country, while fending off criminals (tongue in cheek) on the way to the top.

Toucher is the focus of this edition of The PASR.


  • How hearing WOR Radio while living in Detroit caught his interest
  • Landing his first small radio job and the crazy things he experienced
  • Catching a break in Atlanta and eventually ending up in Boston
  • How he landed on the Sports Hub and how awkward the transition was
  • What changed that made the show more confident executing sports talk
  • Why he still doesn’t feel comfortable despite a ton of success
  • How they gameplan each day’s show and what they focus on most
  • Where he met Rich and how their relationship evolved
  • Being in a room and waiting to find out where CBS was sending their show
  • What he believes goes into creating a great 2-man radio show
  • The way he believes talk radio has changed throughout the years
  • How the victim culture has impacted media coverage today
  • One great bit that was created and is still talked about years later



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