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PASR49: Paul Allen – KFAN Minneapolis


 “I let people know, if only for 5 days per week, 3 hours per day, that there is a place for hope. There is a place for faith. And there is a place where the host is not always going to try and be some wise cracking rube who just wants to take potshots at those we are covering!” – Paul Allen

Paul Allen went from calling horse races (which he still does), to doing internet play-by-play and then right to the voice of the Minnesota Vikings.

That’s not necessarily the most traditional route, but it’s Allen’s self-proclaimed grinding that has got him there–a necessary trait to be in play-by-play or sports talk.

And speaking of sports talk, Allen was doing that LONG before the Vikings called.

Hear more about how he’s “created a monopoly” and more in this edition of the PASR.


  • How he landed in sports radio after starting out calling horse races
  • The way he’d describe his play-by-play style to people
  • Making the transition from calling horse races to football
  • Handling criticism and how it’s changed over the years
  • How he’d describe his radio show to those not familiar with it
  • Keeping the balance with pleasing the team and the audience
  • What he believes his bosses think his best characteristics are
  • His advice on how to help a station make more revenue as a talent
  • The most heartbroken and happiest he’s been calling Vikings games



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