Thu. Jul 19th, 2018

Grant and Danny Announce Sports Movie Madness

106.7 The Fan’s “Grant and Danny” are preparing to provide a movie viewing experience like no other.

The pinnacle of the college basketball season is around the corner, which got the guys thinking: Which sports movie would win a March Madness-style tournament?

In the days leading up to Grant and Danny’s “Sports Movie Madness” at Alamo Drafthouse — fans will help answer that question. 16 movies. 16 seeds. 1 champion.

Listeners will help decide the ‘national championship’ participants by whittling the pool down, round by round, with online votes over the next several weeks. Does a No. 3 seed (Sandlot) have the mettle to outlast a No. 2 seed (Major League) all the way into the title game?

Will a No. 4 seed (Blue Chips) knock off a No. 1 contender (Hoosiers)?

On Saturday, March 12, 106.7 The Fan will have that answer for you. The final two movies will be decided prior to the event, but you won’t learn of the winner — which movie you will watch — until your arrival at the theater.

Credit to CBS Washington DC who originally published this information.

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