Fri. Jul 20th, 2018

ESPN 980 and The Redskins Seeking More Synergy

ESPN 980 is again in the market for a new program director, after newcomer Dan Zampillo resigned last month. And the person collecting résumés has a somewhat familiar name.

“ESPN 980 in Washington DC is looking for a Program Director,” reads the recent job listing. “Applicants should have at least three years of sports radio programming experience in a Top 75 market. If interested, send résumé and programming philosophy to: Larry Michael, [redacted]”

The sports-talk radio station and football team have been promising a more synergistic relationship in recent weeks, amid a host of changes at ESPN 980. Having the team’s longtime radio voice — a Redskins senior vice president — coordinate the search for a new program director would seem to be a continuation of that trend.

For anyone worrying that the man who invented Skintangibles would insist on burgundy-washed sports radio coverage, well, one of 980’s most prominent voices would offer reassurance.

“The station is kind of reorganizing itself to some degree, and it’s being brought under the Redskins umbrella a little bit closer” Steve Czaban said in a recent edition of his podcast with Andy Pollin, the D.C. Sports Bog’s No. 1 choice for treadmill entertainment. “The team has exerted no influence, commentary-wise, on me as a host since they bought the station. In fact, one could argue that the team has been neglectful of us, to the point of ‘Hey, why aren’t we doing more stuff together?’

“I think now what has finally happened is that the team has said ‘Hey, why don’t we do more stuff with the station we own,’ to which I say well, that’s a genius idea,” Czaban said. “About damn time.”

Asked about the changes in recent weeks, a team spokesman has merely said that the station is reorganizing.

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