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PASR47: Doug Stewart – 2 Live Stews


“Everybody on sports talk radio feels the same type of way about a certain subject. They don’t look at it from an athlete’s perspective.” – Doug Stewart

You don’t throw around the term ‘pioneer’ very often as it pertains to talk radio.

Howard Stern? Of course. Rush Limbaugh? Maybe. But Doug Stewart (with his brother Ryan) arguably pioneered the ‘urban’ sports talk format back in the 1990’s.

And he’s still doing his thing today both on terrestrial radio and with his online show.

Learn about the rise and struggle of the ‘2 Live Stews’ and Doug’s personal journey in the broadcasting industry in this edition of the “Podcast About Sports Radio”.


  • How he first started listening to sports radio and what drew him in
  • What he was doing professionally before pursuing sports radio work
  • The way he and Ryan gained the attention of 790 The Zone in Atlanta
  • Advice he passes along to others on how to get into the industry
  • How he’d describe ‘The 2 Live Stews’ to those who are unfamiliar
  • When he realized he could make a living by discussing his passion
  • Getting the call from ESPN to contribute on ‘Cold Pizza’ and ‘First Take’
  • Reflecting on his biggest highs and lows of his broadcasting career
  • Why he believes The 2 Live Stews haven’t been given another shot
  • The personalities in the format who he thinks do great work
  • Broadcasting qualities which he gets turn him off by
  • Doing some recent work for Fox Sports in Los Angeles
  • Who the craziest guy in his Barbershop was & why he was so unique



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