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Kato Kaelin To Host Sports-Themed Program

Kato Kaelin — best known for having stayed in O.J. Simpson’s guest house the night Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered — is set to host a sports-centric talk show alongside Will Stumpe titled Sports Haters. But don’t let the name fool you: They don’t actually hate athletics.

“We don’t hate sports. We hate the stupid stuff that goes with it,” Kaelin said in a statement. “Like back-to-back Viagra commercials and athletes who thank God for the game-winning touchdown because clearly God hated the other team. You know the stuff you’re screaming at the TV? We actually say it on TV!”

Sports Haters will stream on weekly beginning Jan. 30 and will air on Dish Network’s FOTV Saturday evenings.

Credit to Entertainment Weekly where this article was originally published

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