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Josh Innes In Hot Water For Using a Racial Epithet

94.1 WIP’s Josh Innes who hosts afternoons with former NFL player Hollis Thomas is in hot water after using a racial epithet to describe Eagles center Jason Kelce. Innes has since apologized for using poor judgment.

“I’m the dumbest human being on the planet,” Innes said, noting his intention was not to offend anybody. “I apologize for that, I truly do. I’m an idiot.”

Innes and Thomas were on the air prior to Doug Pederson’s introductory press conference as the new Head Coach of the Eagles. Thomas mentioned that Kelce was already at the press conference which didn’t sit well with Innes. Josh tried to suggest that Kelce was the resident butt kisser of the franchise but in doing so he made a reference which put him quickly in the line of fire.

The transcript of what he said is listed below. The audio can be heard on Crossing Broad.

Here’s the thing though, right, it’s like this. Let me find a good comparison here. I was watching Malcolm X yesterday, I was in the airport in Memphis watching Malcolm X, and there was a scene where Denzel’s doing the whole thing about the slave and the house negro? Right? And like, the house negro is the guy who’s gonna tell you like, oh he gets to live in the big house with the boss. And every time he refers to something that happens in the house it’s ‘our house’ and ‘we’ and everything like that. And then there’s the actual slave that isn’t the house negro that’s just trying to run away. Essentially what you’re getting here is Jason Kelce is the house negro is what I’m trying to convey to you.”

Following his apology Innes added “I see people are making fun of me across the country, and you should be, because I’m stupid,”. WIP officials have yet to comment on the situation.

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