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PASR44: Damon Bruce – 95.7 The Game


“You either are the kind of host who gets fired for what you say, or you’re the kind of host who gets fired for not saying enough.” – Damon Bruce

It took one “great american road trip” for Damon Bruce’s life to change. It was 1997, and the newly minted Indiana University graduate was ready to hit the road with a buddy. He traveled to San Francisco where he caught on with sports radio heritage station KNBR.

After getting a taste of hosting a sports talk show in a major market, Damon left to gain more reps and further perfect his craft. But it wasn’t long before he was back in the city he loved.

For more than a decade Damon has been a mainstay on the San Francisco sports radio scene, and in 2014, his perseverance paid off when he was hired to host afternoon drive. Except, in order to gain the biggest platform of his career, he had to cross the street and join 95.7 The Game and compete against his former employer.

Bruce’s journey is a very interesting one and it all begins with that “great american road trip” back in ’97. He talks about that and more in this edition of the Podcast About Sports Radio.


  • How he wound up in San Francisco after going to college at Indiana University
  • How he has approached making sports radio into more than just a job
  • Words of advice he provides to people who want to pursue the industry
  • How he’d describe his show to someone who hasn’t heard it
  • The biggest differences he sees in the industry over the years
  • What he thinks a Programmer would want to change in his show
  • Understanding who he is as a host & what he strives to be
  • What goes into one of his typical work days
  • Who he believes does a great job in sports radio



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