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PASR42: Kristine Leahy – Fox Sports Radio


“We sat down, and I think within ten minutes—and he won’t mind me saying this, because he’s pretty open—(Colin) got very teary eyed.” – Kristine Leahy

Kristine Leahy says she is no spring chicken when it comes to sports media. But at just 29 years old, she has already worked in major media markets in every part of the country, and built a very successful track record.

Her latest venture as Colin Cowherd’s intelligent and confident sidekick, has made her a household name on the national scene, and pushed her deeper into the sports radio consciousness than ever before.

And with that comes some really interesting stories. Some of which she shares with us in this episode of the Podcast About Sports Radio.


  • Her journey in the business from WEEI to Fox Sports
  • How she landed the opportunity to work on Colin’s show
  • Recognizing that she wasn’t cut out to be a traditional sports anchor
  • Dealing with criticism and audience perceptions
  • How to use social media & handle personal attacks
  • Defining what her brand is and how she protects it
  • Comparing the differences between fans in different cities
  • Loving and appreciating her position and feeling lucky to be where she is
  • The biggest differences between sports radio and sports television
  • Sharing some insight into the way her and Colin connect
  • Her biggest pet peeve on the sports radio business
  • Who she believes does a great job in sports media



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