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PASR40: Brandon Tierney – CBS Sports Radio Network


“Number One, be informed. Number Two, be open minded to someone else’s views. Number Three, have some freaking balls.” – Brandon Tierney

Knowledge, passion and “balls” are just part of the package of being able to make it for a long period of time in the sports talk radio industry. But so is being able to adapt and succeed in different cities with different people while enduring very different challenges.

Brandon Tierney has been able to do just that. From sparring with Stephen A. Smith daily in New York City to creating success in other local markets like Detroit and San Francisco, Tierney’s rise to the national sports radio scene is no accident.

Hear BT talk about his career path and a whole lot more in this edition of the PASR.


  • Reflecting on the path he’s traveled to develop a career in the industry
  • Discovering a passion for writing and communicating and realizing it was what he wanted to do
  • Being able to separate being a personality who gives opinions from performing as a journalist
  • Understanding that there’s not one conventional path to becoming a sports talk show host
  • Having an awareness of what you’re saying and how your words can impact people
  • Making a pact with yourself to know what you want to do and go after it
  • Analyzing his biggest strengths and weaknesses as a talent
  • A look inside his daily routine and what goes into it
  • The personalities he enjoys and his reasons why



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