Fri. Jul 20th, 2018

PASR39: Kevin Turner – 105.3 The Fan



“We’re in that chair for four hours to entertain. If we can do that and make someone laugh, I feel like we’ve done our job.” – Kevin Turner

Kevin Turner doesn’t sleep, and that’s not his fault. It also might be one of the reasons why he’s very good at his job.

Ben and Skin on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas are one of the most entertaining local sports radio shows in the country and although Kevin operates behind the scenes, his impact on the program each day is felt by many.

KT is the latest guest on the Podcast About Sports Radio to talk about his career shift, the challenges of guest-booking, the behind-the-scenes creation of bits and more.


  • How he got the bug for sports radio and earned his first job
  • The way he wound up working on the “Ben and Skin” show
  • Why he gave up his desire to do Play by Play
  • What a typical day with his show consists of
  • How he manages sleeping despite the heavy workload
  • The creative process with “Ben and Skin” and his favorite bits
  • Dealing with critics who want more sports, less fun on the show
  • How he handles situations when his ideas don’t appear on the show
  • Some of his pet peeves of what he hears on sports radio stations



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