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PASR38: Erik Kuselias – NBC Sports Radio



“It’s okay to be unhappy but what are you doing about it?” – Erik Kuselias

One of the best things about this podcast is finding out exactly how some people get into the sports radio business.

Erik Kuselias is no different.

Kuselias went from being a lawyer to being a sports talk host almost overnight. Nevermind at ESPN.

From family sayings that fuel him to finding different ways to both educate and entertain, Kuselias lays out his career plan on this edition of the Podcast About Sports Radio.


  • Starting as an attorney but realizing that it wasn’t a field he loved
  • Teaming with his brother to do a one-hour per week local talk show
  • How he landed on the radar of ESPN Radio and earned an opportunity to audition
  • The one thing that helps him be his happiest in life
  • Being influenced by Mike and the Mad Dog
  • Lessons he learned at ESPN Radio that he still uses today
  • Things that personalities do that drive him nuts
  • When he knew he finally had made it as a broadcaster
  • What a normal broadcast day looks like for him
  • How he prepares, writes, and approaches his opening monologue
  • The biggest differences between his time at ESPN and NBC
  • What he believes his biggest strengths and weaknesses are



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